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Belarusian girls

Girls from Belarus are so unique that foreign men call them “a precious treasure”. Elegant and moderate, they possess their own air and style which differs greatly from typical looks of Russian girls. These women prefer modesty to extravagance and naturalness to excessive makeup. They would rather conceal their talents and best qualities deep inside until they find a worthy man who will be able to discover those hidden features in them.

Thanks to their inborn benevolence and loyalty, Belarusian girls make excellent spouses. Find the profiles of beautiful women from Belarus on a reliable dating website, such as, and meet a nice girl for marriage. Hopefully, these pieces of advice will simplify your efforts.

All you need to know about Belarusian girls

Natural beauty

Did you know that girls in Belarus are extremely beautiful? However, they do not tend to overuse makeup or dress in a provocative way like Ukrainian girls. These single ladies attract men’s attention with their natural looks. They can afford it because they inherited incredible facial features from all Slavic people, such as white hair, fair skin and distinctive bones.

What is more, women from Belarus are really keen on sports. Their culture presupposes following the traditions of a healthy lifestyle, so they go to gym or fitness on regular basis. You will be surprised to see a thin 60-year old who is running her morning cross, enjoying music from earphones. You will be carried away even more when you meet a single young girl who looks like a supermodel without any makeup on. These ladies will make your heart beat like a drum!

Modesty and moderation

Did you know that single girls of Belarus are like a shell-fish that is waiting to be opened? They would probably hold you at bay for some time, but they will reveal their inner shine as soon as they get used to you. Do your best to show them your patience and amicable attitude, and beware from making sudden and quick movements.

Loyalty and devotion

Did you know that foreign men choose Belarusian girls for marriage because they are very devoted and loyal wives? Their native country follows strict traditions, according to which a woman should keep her family a #1 priority in life. However, women of Belarus are not against this convention and move all other things into the background. Despite they often make a good career, they are not likely to stick to it when they are ready to create a family. A Belarusian girl will give a happy marriage her best shot.

Amusement And Fun

Did you know that the girls of Belarus love having fun? Despite being rather shy, they will gladly party with a close person. When you finally appoint a meeting with a woman you like and come to visit her, behave in a friendly way and do not pressurize her. Soon you two will be having a good time, and you will probably feast your eyes upon her amazing dance.

Excellent homemaking skills

Did you know that girls of Belarus learn to run a house since childhood? Women in this country are in charge of creating the maximum comfort at home, so they know from an early age how to cook tasty dishes and look after a man, how to make him happy and satisfy him. It is considered to be very important in Belarus, to provide a man with a cosy place where he will take good rest after a hard working day, give him comfort, pamper and inspire him.

Moreover, nurturing children by a mother is also of high importance in Belarus. So if you marry a woman from this country, she will be happy to take care of the children herself and would not entrust it to a nanny. She will raise them with the maximum care and give them enough love, so that they develop into fully grown personalities.

3 tips for a perfect date with a Belarusian girls

When your relationship reaches the next level and you are ready to visit Belarus, try to keep in mind the following pieces of advice. They will help you to make your date impeccable. Make a good impression on your lady and avoid the common mistakes, often caused by cross-culture differences!

Tip 1. Take a Belarusian girl to her favorite place

When you agree upon the first date with your woman, ask her to take you to her favourite place. Firstly, there will be no need to search the web for 2 hours, reading about the unknown cafes and restaurants and desperately trying to figure out if they are ok. Secondly, you will learn your woman’s preferences, judging by the place she chooses. Thirdly, she will feel more comfortable in a familiar place, so your communication will flow in a more relaxed way.

There is one more important thing: gender roles are strictly traditional in Belarus, so always pay for your woman in a restaurant or café. Do it without any hesitation and do not accept any proposals to pay together. If your girl offers you that, it means that she is testing you. Belarusian girls never want to participate equally in paying the bill. Remember that!

Tip 2. Take a Belarusian girl to her favorite place

Learn what your lady likes on the first date. This will make your interaction much easier and prevent you from looking like a boring man who does not know what to do with a woman. For example, if a girl likes tennis, it is better to arrange a tennis game than going to the movies. If she loves horse riding, find a horse ride walk and make a pleasant surprise for her. Your lady will be so happy when she sees that you have been listening carefully, that you remember all her preferences and want to make her glad.

Tip 3. Meet her parents

If you have serious intentions and decided to get closer with your woman, get acquainted with her parents. Family ties are very important in Belarus, so it will be a good gesture. If you want a serious relationship, tell her that you want to meet her mother and father, and buy them some nice presents. You will learn a lot about your lady and understand her much better with the help of meeting her family. You will also show her that you consider her to be your prospect wife.