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Belarusian brides

Belarusian brides are amazing, benevolent and loyal partners who are worth spending a lifetime with. They possess the qualities that are good for marriage, such as respect and care towards a man, compassion and love. These women are naturally beautiful and elegant. They become good wives that foreign men worship like a precious gemstone. But not all of them are lucky enough to meet a single girl from Belarus simply because these ladies are not as popular as Russian brides. Use a trustworthy online Belarusian dating service like, see the real profiles of amazing single women and find your real love!

Why Belarusian brides are looking for a foreign partner

Did you know how much beautiful women in Belarus suffer from the problem of domestic violence? In fact, over the last few years Belarus ranked second in the world by the number of divorces.

This raised serious concerns about the current troubles of the family institution in this country. There is even a "hotline" for the victims of domestic violence, created by the United Nations Population Fund in order to help Belarusian women step out of the vicious circle. “Crisis rooms” are full of the girls who suffered from men’s aggressive behavior. Special projects are created by the government to work with men who show violence in their families. What causes so much aggression in the local men?

Belarusian men often turn into domestic bullies and offend their wives in a moral or physical way. It is not a secret that drug addiction, alcoholism, unemployment or a low social status and economic issues that men cannot meet with dignity are common sources of conflict in this country. The World Health Organization ranked Belarus the 10-th among 188 countries in alcohol consumption in 2011. Families are falling apart because of men’s alcoholism and their inability to control their frustration and the desire to work off their bad temper on their wives and sometimes even on their own children.

For many years men in Belarus have been repeating the same mistakes, not learning from their experience at all. These women are tired of trying to build a happy family with pathological bullies and resort to Belarusian dating service like in order to find their true love there. Belarusian brides are ready to open their heart to a balanced foreign man who will show them a different attitude. They are looking for a partner who will be able to love them and provide them with a shelter, rather than put them in danger or abuse them.

Belarusian brides make great wives

Foreign men admire the ability of a bride from Belarus to weave a nest for her beloved one. If she sees that her husband really cares about her and is not indifferent towards what she feels and wants, she will become his source of inspiration for the rest of his life. Harmonious new relationships are the greatest desire of a bride in Belarus and she will do her best to create it with you. She will give you love and look after you, anticipate your wishes and sincerely apologize if she does something wrong.

Belarusian brides are probably so good at housekeeping because historically they have been making tremendous efforts to satisfy their local men who did not seem to appreciate it very much. Unfortunately, they took it all for granted. But think how you will look like in this favorable light when you show appreciation of your bride’s diligence. She is not spoilt by the gentle gestures of her local men, so be ready to give her wings to fly with the help of your attention and care. She will reciprocate it and reward you with her gratitude. A beautiful Belarusian bride will suddenly turn into a magician and fill your house with joy, happiness and fun. You will be happy to spend your best moments together!

Expectations of Belarusian brides

Belarusian brides, as well as Ukrainian brides, respect strong family values and expect a man to be the breadwinner and take over the initiative in a relationship since its very beginning. They need a strong man, a leader whom they will follow. Remember, in this country gender roles have not undergone any serious changes, so try to show your lady that you are a good decision-maker and that you are willing to be responsible for her and provide her with the necessary support.

What you should never do with a Belarusian bride

There are certain things which you should avoid doing if you want to find a lady for serious relationship and if you want her to become your bride and wife. Find out how to get a beautiful Belarusian bride!

Do not forget to congratulate her

If your beautiful woman has a holiday or is celebrating an important event in her life, you should be the first to congratulate her. Even if something bad happened and you cannot come, do your best to call at least. Do not forget about your bride’s birthday and always give her a present! It is better to ask her in advance what she wants to get, and put it on your agenda. Thus you will never forget an important date and will be ready to greet her with the gift that she will like for sure! In case your bride does not give you any hints, make a surprise for her. Girls love surprises! You do not have to buy expensive presents, but do your best to greet your beautiful woman in the way that no one else can.

Do not undermine her trust

It is important to trust each other, especially at the very start of your new relationships. But if your bride sees that you are flirting with other girls and making ambivalent hints or finds out that you are dating another girl, this will be the end of everything. If she stops believing you, you be unable to win her heart back. Of course, there is nothing wrong in communicating with other women and behaving like a gentleman, but it should not surpass acceptable limits.

Do not pressurize her with a total control

When a Belarusian bride moves to your place, do not show her aggression or lock her in a cage. Do not put too much pressure on her, trying to figure out where she is going and why. In general, these women like strong guidance, but do not turn into a domestic bully. If you behave like a guy from Belarus, she will leave. Do not make it absurd. If your bride is lucky enough to make friends in your country, just let her go and have a good time. Do not force her to stay with you 24/7.

Stick to a harmonious relationship and enjoy happy moments
together with your Belarusian bride!