Find Your Date

Find Your Date

Kovla.com is an ultimately user-friendly online dating platform that gathers people according to their interests both on a paid basis and free of charge, fast easy and much of the fun.

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It is a unique dating service with ultimately simplified registration procedure. Join Kovla, it’s truly simple: you get registered, add your photo, fill in the profile information, start communication with other people and discover similar interests and expectations from the digital dating.

Sign in now using your Facebook, Google+ or VK account, or create a totally new profile and start your online dating experience within a minute!

Find Your Date

Video Chat

To see people you like, love or miss is always the most pleasant when you are overseas. That is why we made the video chat feature free and available to all members.

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It's so much easier to open it in a browser and invite your friends or dates to a chat instantly without troubles of having it download or installing any software or browser plugins.

Kovla makes the process of communication truly intimate and enables people to open up their potential to the fullest, especially if there is some «chemistry» between them.

Use the video chat feature and make video calls to people you like or communicate with your potential dates in real time without limits!

Video Chat
Chat From Anywhere

Chat From Anywhere

No matter where you are, it is so easy to stay connected with the people you like when you use our chat box.

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The chat box is extremely easy, cozy and completely free. It works for communication in private, groups and teams. If you are looking for a cool place to chat and meet people, the chat box from Kovla.com is just what you need.

Kovla.com covers lots of regions and variety of areas, so that even people from extremely remote places are able to stay tuned in and get in touch as often as they want without any obstacles.

Kovla works to bring people closer despite the long distances and mitigate the communication inconveniences for people to make them feel like they are communicating in person.

Communicate from any corner of the world, which will broaden the area of dating search and open the new horizons for the international dating.

Send Files to Your Friend

Kovla does everything possible to make your online dating simpler and more fun, that is exactly why you will always have an option to share your personal files and documents in the attachment through private online chats

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What is more, you can also share your best pictures, favorite audio records, funny videos and even your location with other users through your secure personal chat-box.

The amount of files to share is limitless, so you’ll know all the latest news of your online friends.

Share the best moments of your life with your friends and dates, while Kovla will make sure that your personal data is 100% safe!

Send Files to Your Friend
Search by Interest

Search by Interest

With Kovla it's just a «piece of cake» to detect those ones you would be really interested in.

Use our advanced and intuitive search toolbar to almost instantly reveal a full list of those, who might be candidates for filling all emptiness in your «lonely heart».

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With Kovla.com search tool you don't have to waste your precious time to find potential dates manually.

To make sure that you will find the best match, just choose from the list below:

  • Gender (male/female)
  • Age (from.. to..)
  • Location (country/region/city)
  • Things you want to do or occasions you want to attend (date/marry/ intimacy; go to the cinema/restaurant/museum/party)
  • Favorite activities/ hobbies/ beliefs that your potential date should have

And within a second Kovla shows you all the candidates matching your request.

Search by Interest
Share Your Pictures and Videos


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Be assured, Kovla is easy, user-friendly and effective to use and satisfy even the most experienced dating gurus to the fullest, indeed. Registering at Kovla.com will open a whole new World of Online Dating to you:

  • You can experience all the advantages of web dating choosing between free and paid account
  • Find thousands of interesting people with just a few seconds of searching
  • Search through thousands of profiles to find «the One»
  • Enjoy all the ways of communication with your new online friends (chat, video chat, shares, points and more)
  • Arrange a meeting or a date, using Kovla's online calendar
  • Use VIP account for FREE*
  • Send gifts to your new friends**
  • Be in touch with all your contacts 24/7 with Kovla's app for iOS
  • Earn extra money with Kovla's partnership programs

* In case you have collected an amount of Karma points that is enough for exchanging to Kovla coins and pay for the VIP account.
** PPaid with credit/debit card, PayPal or Kovla coins.

If you are tired of long, complex or sophisticated signing forms, pre-pays and thousands of other complications that only deter people from using the dating websites, you will be pleasantly surprised how simple and effective Kovla is.

Make a great discovery in the world of free online dating and enjoy our dating app to the fullest for meeting new friends, communication or building serious long term and strong healthy relationships.

Join Kovla today and enjoy all the innovative features of this dating site that will bring your dating skills to a whole different level!